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Wimbledon Village

DoubleClearWe moved to Wimbledon in South West London in 2009 largely to be close to the wonderful Wimbledon Village Stables, where my lovely, old grey horse was in livery, and London’s best and most extensive riding over Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park.  But since moving here I’ve come to appreciate many aspects of Wimbledon life, the joys of walking, cycling and just chilling on Wimbledon Common, and particularly the many treasures among the restaurants in Wimbledon Village.  I’ve discovered that there’s so much more to this little part of London than the Wombles and the annual tennis tournament which has made it world famous – there’s a rich history and a thriving community and, of interest to me in particular (as a book addict) a fascinating and important literary history and myriad literary associations.

Morning Sunlight on Wimbledon Common
Morning Sunlight on Wimbledon Common

Walking around the Common and the village, and occasional longer hikes on foot, horseback or bicycle, is a constant pleasure as there’s always something new to discover or an old friend to revisit: watching the seasons turn or more human-dictated changes in the area where, as they say, “town meets country”.  Sometimes I see things that make me think.  The notes that appear here are simply a record of those thoughts and as such they are necessarily random and vary in nature. My father passed away in 2012 and often the things I see make me think of him, and how much I would like to be able to share them with him.  He would have loved life in Wimbledon so much, so some of the entries are loosely written as a one-sided conversation with him. These are very personal impressions of the place where I live and I wholly accept that others will have different views and experiences.

Horses High Street Wimbledon Village
Horses on the High Street, Wimbledon Village


Autumn Colours and Rowan Trees on the Common, November 2015

Wimbledon’s Blue Plaques, April 2009

Snow on Wimbledon Common, February 2012

Southside House, Wimbledon Village, April 2009

Cannizaro House and Cannizaro Park, April 2009

Eagle House, Wimbledon Village, October 2012

Drinking Fountain, Parkside, May 2009

Early Morning at Bluegate Gravel Pit, Wimbledon Common, May 2009

The King of Denmark, Ridgway, May 2009

Postcards from Wimbledon Village (NatWest Bank building), May 2009


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