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Bip Pares – it’s a name that comes up every year at the London Rare Books School as we trace the evolution and bibliographical importance of the dust-jacket – a name seen so often on some of the most eye-catching designs of the nineteen-thirties and forties.  But no-one seems to know very much about who this artist and illustrator actually was.  A scattered handful of biographical snatches has appeared on the internet in recent years – some contradictory and others slightly inaccurate.  Let’s try to set at least part of the record straight.

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Ethel “Bip” Pares was born on 27th February 1904 in the Thames-side village of Clewer, just beyond Windsor.  She was the second child of the marriage of Basil Pares (1869-1943) and his wife Caroline Evelyn Whistler (1874-1959), who had married in Norfolk in 1902. Her father was a younger son…

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