Attention Enid Blyton Collectors!  I came across an interesting little quirk in the publication history of Enid Blyton’s Five on Kirrin Island Again last night, while I was doing a tad of research on some new collectible Enid Blyton books in our stock.

Five on Kirren Island Again, the sixth of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories, was first published by Hodder and Staughton in 1947.  It had a dust jacket designed by Eileen Soper, the illustrator who worked on so many of Blyton’s books, showing the gang looking at a distant building through a telescope.  But the telescope was drawn the wrong way around!  This mistake was soon noticed and, for the 4th impression of the book in 1950, Soper redrew the telescope (and made some other minor content changes).

First State Dust Jacket which appeared on 1st to 3rd impressions


2nd State Dust Jacket, with telescope redrawn the right way round


For the fifth impression, which was released in 1951, a few further subtle changes were made, including shifting the image up slightly, showing less sky and more thigh!

3rd State jacket on the 1951 fifth impression of Five on Kirrin Island Again

For the sixth impression, later in 1951, a completely new dust jacket design, with a new illustration also by Eileen Soper, was introduced, stylistically consistent with other Famous Five stories.

4th State Dust Jacket in uniform Famous Five style


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