okSomeone has asked Books and Bygones, one of my fellow ibooknet booksellers, for help in locating a replacement copy of an old cookbook.  Not such an unusual request, you might think, but there’s a twist with this one.  The book has been so well used – obviously a constant kitchen companion- that it has lost its covers and title page is missing, so the book hunter doesn’t know its title or publisher, or publication date, or any of the other useful information that would usually appear on the covers, title page and copyright page.  So we’re a bit stumped as to what the book actually is, which makes it hard to find a replacement.  All we know about the book is that it’s an old cookbook, probably first bought about 50 years ago, very likely from Woolworths.

The book hunter has sent this picture – it shows an owl surrounded by the words “In Knowledge Lies Wisdom” with the letters L and P either side.   This at least is recognisable – it is the logo of The Literary Press, so at least we now know the publisher, but can you help with any further details?  Perhaps you recognise the logo from one of your own cook books?  Or you know of cookery books published by the Literary Press – or may even have some images you of them you can share to help us narrow the search.

The Literary Press’s owl logo – In Knowledge Lies Wisdom

I know the Literary Press published some of Elizabeth Craig’s cook books, such as ‘Elizabeth Craig’s Simple  Cooking’ but this particular version of the Literary Press’s logo doesn’t seem to match the editions of Craig’s book that I have to hand.  Any thoughts, tips or knowledge very gratefully received.  If we get further details of the book from the book hunter, I’ll post them here.