A little earlier today, I blogged about the potential for book bloggers to influence reading trends and to do so in collaboration with the more traditional book industry. These thoughts were prompted by a blog post on Juxtabook which acknowledges that comments, discussion and feedback can be one of the marks of an influential book blog. Blog readership though can be much deeper than the raw number of contributors may suggest. I am not confusing readership with subscribers. Subscriber levels can be a useful indicator of influence but they are not a measure. And yet, like Catherine Hawley – the book dealer behind Juxtabook – I too am guilty of reading far, far more book blog reviews than I comment on. Many book bloggers put huge effort into their reviews and reading guides, and some show real talent and insight. They book reading and book buying choices, helping to maintain the vibrancy of a well-tended Mount TBR. Would it be too hard to hit the ubiquitous ‘like’ button or leave a few words in response?

No. So I’m joining Juxtabook in an idea initiated by another great book blogger, James Reads Books, in commenting on a book blog review today. The challenge is simple. As James explains it: “”Go out into the world, well, into cyber-space, and read a book review today. After reading it, leave a comment.” You may also tag a few other book bloggers to invite them to do the same.

Today I Read a Book Review Book Blogging

I’m tagging some of my personal favourite book blogs (in complete ignorance of their views on commenting and other book bloggers) – Liz at Liz Loves Books; Annabel at Annabel’s House of Books; Lynne at Dovegreyreader Scribbles; Ali at Heavenali and Simon at Savidge Reads. Absolutely no pressure guys – play it forward if you like, or don’t. There’s no chainy-wainy guilt thing about this. I’m just sharing what I thought was a neat idea.